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Weekday  Opening Times : 10 am. - 5 pm.

Appointments can be arranged outside our opening hours by special request

Saturday Opening Times : 10 am. - 3 pm.

We have found that Saturday opening is convenient for our clients who are too busy to visit during the week. Should you wish to make a Saturday appointment we will gladly close the shop and allow you the freedom to choose cloth, style and be measured at your leisure. We only allow four appointments each Saturday as choosing cloth and being measured for a suit should not be hurried so please be patient if an appointment is not available for a few weeks. Be assured that when you do get to visit us, no attention to detail will be spared to give you the exceptional fit, comfort and style upon which we have built our reputation.

Our full Bespoke service starts at £1400 plus VAT.

Our Bespoke accessories - which are all unique and designed by us to complement our suits perfectly - include shirts, woven silk ties, belts and braces, together with luxury brushed cotton casual trousers and are of the same superior quality that English Tailoring has become known for.




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Bespoke: The Inside Story

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Bespoke Details

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Visiting Tailoring Service


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The Price of a Bespoke Suit

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About English Tailoring