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Our full bespoke two-piece suits start at £1400 plus VAT

A pattern is cut to your every detail.

We use only full canvas construction (see 'bespoke details/Inside story') sections of our website/shop window display for more information on make etc. Your chosen fabric is cut and tailored in our studio, we do not use outworkers, unusual for today the jacket, trouser, waistcoat, top coat, tails or whatever one should want to commission, will be made in house to a standard that nowadays is rarely seen.

We are proud that our own tailors and seamstresses have the skills required to produce such beautiful garments in house and as such we are happy to send pictures of your garments construction taking place along the various stages. If requested we can send pictures to your mobile phone, not only is it interesting to see your garment in make, it certainly creates a talking point when you can show friends the garments that you are wearing at an early stage of creation.

To make an appointment please phone Ray Roberts (Shop Manager and Master Tailor) on 0207 512 9991 or email

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