About us

The English Tailoring concept originated many years ago when Stephen Williams worked in the design office of Hector Powe, Burberry’s and Pierre Cardin, at that time all of these companies were within the GUS Group.


If a customer was disappointed with the fit of a suit, the production team would blame the pattern and Stephen would be called upon to sort out the problem. A new pattern would then be cut in the design office and the tailoring of the garment would be carefully monitored at every stage. The result would inevitably be a suit of outstanding quality and fit, with importantly a satisfied client.


This sort of personal attention to detail was difficult to implement on the large scale production which at that time was being operated by Hector Powe.


Stephen found it very rewarding to see the quality and fit that could be achieved with this personal attention and in 1978 started a company which would do just that.


During The 40 Years that English Tailoring have been operating, they have never had to advertise and there is often a waiting list of potential clients.

Stephen is so confident in the product, that if a client is dissatisfied with the final result of the garment, rather than leaving a client with a suit that may not be worn with complete confidence, a new suit would be made even if the dissatisfaction is client-orientated.


All English Tailoring suits are hand crafted on a full canvas, allowing the garment to be moulded to the shape of the individual client. Unlike the vast majority of suits made today, English Tailoring does not use an adhesive fusible backing to the cloth, which can have the unfortunate habit of parting company after cleaning.


One of English Tailoring’s bespoke suits tailored in a Luxury Pure New Wool Worsted costs around £2000. The full bespoke service which English tailoring offers takes about four weeks and they still adhere to the original concept of ensuring that the client will have the attention of the same person from measuring to delivery, thus maintaining complete control over the fit and style features requested by the client.


People are often unsure of the meaning of bespoke tailoring. ‘Bespoke’ literally means ‘bespoken for’ enabling the client to specify every last detail to his or her specification. The pattern, which is unique to the client, is marked and stored in the studio until it is needed again.

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