Bespoke Details

Bespoke offers supreme value for money as it will outlast a mass-produced suit by many years. Combine this with a superb fit, exceptional comfort and the knowledge that wherever you travel or whoever you meet, your clothing will be unrivalled.


Take a look at the distinctive details that become obvious even to the untrained eye

Collar Break Stripe Matching

The term ‘collar break’ refers to the area where the collar meets the lapel at an angle of almost 45º.


Although most tailors would consider it unnecessary to have the stripes matching in this area, we try to achieve this wherever possible.

The Back

The two halves of the back are cut and seamed together to form the perfect width stripe to allow accurate collar matching.

The Shoulder Seam

The shoulder seams can be cut to match for most clients. The out breast pocket should always match.

Cuff Button Holes

Each hole is real and can be unfastened.


The buttons are real horn and hand sewn using extra strong waxed thread.

Side Pocket Detail

Stripe and check cloth should always be cut to match, although this is not possible above the pocket as a dart is taken out to create waist definition.


The delicate hand stitched pocket flap edges can also be seen.

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